Aarenet was founded in 2004 by some members of the management team and members of the board. The headquarters are located in Niederwangen twenty kilometres west of Berne, the Capital of Switzerland. The Swiss company is a specialised and high quality provider of services and equipment for the communications industry in the IP market /Voice over IP / VoIP). The systems and services of Aarenet are offered to Telecom Service Provider (TSP), Internet Service Providers (ISP), City Carriers, Cable TV Companies, Utilities and Enterprises.
Based on a modular architecture Aarenet delivers turn-key systems or managed services designed to the customer’s needs. The system and the services satisfy the many requirements of a VoIP solution on high professional standards with excellent quality and high availability.
The core element of the VoIP solution is the Aarenet VoIP Switch entirely developed by Aarenet. The Aarenet VoIP Switch is a Class 5 VoIP soft switch with additional PBX/Centrex functionalities that offers telephony services to private subscribers and end-users in enterprises. Its technical design, quality of service and features are second to none in its range of pricing.