desktop client for windows and mac os devices inte- grated to the aarenet voip system services


aarenet "an pc-phone"

desktop client

Aarenet “an PC-Phone” is a desktop client for Windows and MAC operating systems. It provides a phone extension without the need to connect a physical device. Using smart integration into Microsoft Outlook or Click2Dial (*) from public domain pages allows number dialing without the need to enter the digits manually. UM chat functionality and video call support (*) complete a complete suite of business applications.

click2dial for windows

The Click2dial feature, integrated into the internet browser will present you with the option to dial any (phone) number on the webpage directly without the need to re-enter the number. This will ensure an easy, quick and reliable way to use your desktop client.

integration of outlook contacts and ldap integration

An active link to the contacts in the outlook mail program integrates all existing contacts directly into the application. This enables an easy access and dialing of the frequently used numbers. The client can also be linked to any active directory (LDAP based) on any centrally based server to integrate other (corporate) databases.

Instant messaging, client online status information and video call support improve the user experience

video calling, user status and instant messaging

Presence Status can be made visible for all stored contacts which are connected to the same system and supports real-time status updates. During an active call, the user status is automatically changed to “busy”. Instant message functionality to any online contact further increases the user experience. Calling to any compatible IP phone or to Aarenet’s smartphone client “an IP-Phone” in video mode (*) completes the set of comfort features.

supported main Features (*)

  • Integration  in corporate numbering plan for Virtual PBX configuration
  • Outlook integration
  • “Click2Dial” from internet browser plug-in (for Windows)
  • Auto Provisioning of SIP account
  • Multiple account registrations
  • Account usage per contact setting
  • Conference functionality with multiple users
  • LDAP contacts integration
  • Chat and UM functionality
  • User Status (free, busy, on the phone, away, do not disturb, invisible)
  • Integrated call log (history)
  • Visual indication of missed calls
  • Voice mail integration and message counter
  • Video call integration for on-net users (for Windows)
  • Call recording and application independent recording file access
  • Multi Languages support
  • Secure easy registration through Account Activation Code
  • Audio Codec support: GSM, Speex Narrow, G.711a, G.711u, iLBC30, iLBC20
  • Video Codec support: VP8, H263 Plus
  • Windows version 7 or higher
  • MAC OS version 10-Yosemite or higher

(*) specific features may depend on the operating system deployed and the software version used. Specific plug-in may need to be activated for Click2Dial and Outlook integration. The correct function of the application on a virtual machine or on older OS system versions is not guaranteed. The voice quality of the call will depend on the available access bandwidth.