more and more business customers abandon their own pbx


Aarenet enterprise virtual pbx

cloud based pbx functionalities

Virtual PBX or IP Centrex Systems offer PBX functionality provided by a centralized system. The customers only require terminals such as IP-phones, IP-DECT systems and analogue terminal adapters (ATA’s) for fax devices. The Aarenet VoIP Switch is an optimal solution to support the IP roadmap of corporate voice services towards a cloud based VoIP solution enabling support of previously installed legacy PBX systems. The solution is very appealing for enterprises with geographically disperse locations that do not want to acquire their own local PBX and prefer to use the Virtual PBX services of a Telecom Service Providers.

The Aarenet Virtual PBX functionality includes popular features such as conference calls, call-forking, group-calls, voice-mail, IVR and CTI integration. A fully integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution ensures the seamless operation and handover between Wi-Fi, GSM/mobile and fixed line voice networks. The "one number" concept enables a transparent call-distribution amongst mobile and fixed IP phones. The PBX features are not only available in the fixed network but also on integrated smartphones and on the move via laptops or pads.

future proof system design

In combination with Aarenet’s Class 5 system, the virtual PBX solution can run on a parallel system or even be installed on the same hardware. Flexible expansion and optimal use of the installed resources ensure a future proof design and enable to expand the system in parallel to the growth of the customer base.

advantages of a cloud based virtual pbx

For corporate customers, the use of a Virtual PBX offers a wealth of advantages. The initial low investment and the fact that the system is maintenance free, cloud based and managed by the provider. The possibility to use the service for flexworkers or to integrate new branch offices very easy, the integrated location independent numbering plan for the company and free calls for all internal communication are the main, but not the only advantages offered by a Virtual PBX.

The Virtual PBX is administrated via the Admin Centre (for PBX administrators and end-users) from any PC or via an application e.g. an application on the iPhone for end-users. The entire administration management of the Virtual PBX may occur via the Data Access Centre in an external Customers Management System. This is recommended if the Telephony Service Provider wants to integrate the Virtual PBX into an already existing end-user Web-interface.

auto/self provisioning of extensions

By supporting a broad range of commercially available IP Phones, it is possible to reduce the installation and provisioning effort to a minimum. All necessary system parameters are sent to the device as soon as it is connected supporting a professional customer experience.

virtual pbx functionality on softclients

The softphone clients allow calls being made through Wi-Fi hotspots and the mobile data network. As unique feature, the smartphone applications support seamless bidirectional handover between the WiFi network and the data network which will ensure that the existing connection will remain active as long as network coverage is available. The PC client supports comfort features from the PBX and provides a viable alternative for traditional desk phones. The full integration in the numbering plan will allow the support of a One Number Concept (landline number) thus improving the communication towards external customers and partners. 

virtual pbx call features

  • Call Hold
  • Call Query, Toggle, Waiting
  • Music on hold per assigned PBX
  • Call brokering and transfer
  • Calling Line ID and Presentation
  • Call Forwarding options
  • Voice Mail box per user
  • Full T.38 Fax support

virtual pbx system comfort features

  • Full FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Central phone book per Virtual PBX
  • Time based activation and handling
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Conference and Conference rooms
  • Remote Office integration



virutal pbx offers full funtionality and reduces management and maintenance


system characteristics

  • Redundant (including location redundant) set-up
  • Carrier grade availability
  • Support of all ISDN functionalities
  • Support of existing appliances such as Fax, entrance intercom, EFTPOS terminals
  • Integrated real-time rating
  • Voice channel limitation per Virtual PBX on WAN access

aarenet virtual pbx offering

Aarenet Virtual PBX offers outstanding benefits to the voice provider and their customer. Voice providers receive a scalable highly available platform including extensive tools for provisioning, operations and support. To customers the solution of Aarenet features a balanced set of functionalities with a comprehensive offering of devices.