Aarenet services

Aarenet services include
additional services to
complete the offer in favor
of the customer.

The seamless integration
of a new system into the existing environment
is a significant contribution of Aarenet’s offering


Aarenet offers a variety of system integration services to their customers. On one side the integration in existing IP networks and the interconnection with PSTN and on the other hand the interfacing with existing Customer Management Systems or Billing Systems. Often database queries need to be implemented. For example for the correct routing of ported numbers or the charging of value added services. To meet the country specific regulatory requirements such as lawful interception the handover of data to the authorities needs to be implemented.


Customers focusing on their core business to market telephony services consider outsourcing the operation of their switching systems to Aarenet. In many cases smaller carriers short of personnel or the required know-how to produce a VoIP offering mandate Aarenet with the systems operation. The specialists of Aarenet posses the required experience and know-how to operate carrier switching systems smoothly. The operation by Aarenet often is temporarily. BOT (Build Operate Transfer) is in many cases an adequate approach to the benefit of the customer. BOT enables the customer to shorten the time to market and to minimise the risks of operating the system.

OPEX instead


Alternatively to the purchase of a system Aarenet offers Managed Services. Choosing Managed Services, the customer obtains a system designed to his needs and integrated in his environment, equivalent to a purchase. The system is located at the customer’s premises and is being utilised by the customer exclusively. Instead of a purchasing price the customer will agree to pay a monthly service charge which includes the amortisation, operation services and maintenance of the system. The charges depend on the number of end-user served on the system and the utilisation period.


Aarenet offers bespoke Engineering and Consulting Services, such as project support, training, and consulting in the business and technology of VoIP communication and valued added services. Above all interoperability testing for new equipment (IP Phones, Soft Clients, IP PBX’s, VoIP Gateways, Cable Modems, etc. is offered.