Special Carrier Gateways ensure
the connection with other networks.

Interconnection devices ensure the interconnection in any combination of SIP, ISDN/DSS1 and SS7. The gateways are available in several different capacities and ensure the interconnection in PSTN and other networks. The interconnections may be realized via SIP Trunks, directly IP to IP without any conversion to TDM.

For SS7 inter- connections Aarenet uses products from dialogic

SS7 Gateways

The products off the shelf are optimally integrated into the systems of Aarenet and meet highest requirements in quality and functionality. The gateways are available in designs with 1 to 4 E1, 3 to 24 E1 or STM-1 Interface with 768, 1440 or 2016 channels and may be operated in redundant clusters.


SIP Trunks

Before implementing interconnections with SIP trunks a careful check is required to determine which functions are supported by the SIP Trunk Provider. Especially a redundant link of a system and the inherent routing is not trivial. In most cases SIP trunks are used to connect different VoIP systems.


Firewall Systems

To protect its VoIP Systems, Aarenet offers a solution with FortiGate Firewalls from Fortinet. These Firewalls are available in different performance classes and may be implemented in redundant (even geographical redundant) clusters.

Session Border Controllers transfer VoIP Calls from one IP network into another IP network

Session Border Controllers

The Aarenet VoIP Switch reliably supports various SBC functionalities. Dedicated SBC’s are implemented to meet increased requirements. This kind of Session Border Controllers support the following functionalities:

  • Complete transfer of calls from one network to another network.
  • Firewall functionality, only predefined VoIP Calls will be permitted.
  • Protocol conversions, VoIP Calls are transferred from one protocol to another.

If dedicated SBC's are required Aarenet uses the BorderNet SBC's from Dialogic.