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Aarenet’s systems pervade all requirements and offer excellent tools for system operations.


Aarenet’s VoIP systems conform to all requirements of voice communication by Fixnet Service Providers. The availability of the full ISDN function-set needs to be stressed, since it is a killer requirement to realise a new offering or a new solution for the segment of business customers. Increasingly Business customer’s wishing to abstain from acquiring their own PBX; Aarenet’s Systems offer Virtual PBX functionalities.

Rollout and Operation

The automated provisioning of customers devices such as CPE’s, IP-Phones or others is key to enable a fast and smooth rollout of VoIP- services. During operations automatic generation of changes of configurations and the seamless download to customer devices is mandatory. In Aarenet’s VoIP-systems the configuration sets for the various CPE’s is generated directly and downloaded in the devices automatically. The provisioning of the customer devices may happen before shipment or by download after installation and bringing into service.


In instances of malfunctions of devices at the customers premises the customer services representatives of a Telecom Service Provider are often blind sighted and are unable to access system and service related information. Contrary to legacy ISDN-installations where the NT’s (Network Termination Units) are part of the network and being operated and serviced by the provider, many VoIP solutions do not allow to remote access the devices at the customer’s site. This handicaps or inhibits the localisation and analysis of incidents by the provider’s customer service.

Aarenet’s VoIP Systems offer the provider’s customer service departments the capability to access the CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment) from the systems administration unit and query operational information. Whether an ISDN connection is active or a device is connected may be checked. The end-to-end monitoring of the system permits the remote location of failures at the customer premises.